• UHS Clearcoat

    UHS Clearcoat


    AL324 is a modern two component, high solids low VOC clearcoat, specifically designed for application over waterborne basecoat. It is ideal for multi panel repairs and overall resprays.

    Packsize: 1L / 5L

  • SR Clearcoat

    SR Clearcoat


    AL316 is a two component, high solids acrylic urethane, scratch resistant clearcoat. AL316 is suitable for panel repairs and complete resprays. Use with AL522 HS Fast Hardener

    Packsize: 1L / 5L

  • HS Clearcoat

    HS Clearcoat


    AL313 is a high gloss two-component high solids acrylic urethane clearcoat providing an excellent final appearance and a long lasting finish. The perfect clearcoat for large areas. 

    Packsize: 1L / 5L

  • Fast Air Dry Clearcoat

    Fast Air Dry Clearcoat


    AL302 is a two component, fast curing clearcoat designed to give fast air dry curing especially in cold ambient conditions. It should be used with its own unique Hardener, AL503

    Packsize: 1L / 5L

  • MS Clearcoat

    MS Clearcoat


    AL300 is a high quality versatile two component medium solids acrylic urethane clearcoat, ideally suited for all spot and panel repairs.

    AL300 uses the Autolux MS hardener range to deliver 20/30min bake options.

    Packsize: 1L / 5L