• 2K Etch Primer

    2K Etch Primer


    Designed to provide good adhesion and corrosion resistance over bare metal. This two component etch primer has the added benefit  of being chromate free. Use with Activator, AL507

    Packsize: 1L 

  • 2K Primer Surfacer - Grey / Dark Grey

    2K Primer Surfacer - Grey / Dark Grey


    2K Primer Surfacer is a fast drying, grey (AL425) or dark grey (AL427), 2 pack acrylic primer filler/surfacer with good application and sanding properties.

    Packsize: 1L / 2.5L

  • Epoxy Primer

    Epoxy Primer


    A two component epoxy primer with good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Providing good build and easy sanding, AL414 is the ideal primer for multi-substrate repairs. Used with Hardener AL509

    Packsize: 1

  • 1K Rub-through Primer

    1K Rub-through Primer


    A one-pack aerosol primer that’s ideal for spot priming “rub-throughs” that have occurred during sanding. 1K Rub-Through Primer can be directly overcoated with colour without the need to sand

    Packsize: 0.4L