• Fast Thinner

    Fast Thinner


    For small repairs in temperature range - up to 25°C.

    Packsize: 1L

  • Standard Thinner

    Standard Thinner


    For medium size repairs in temperature range - 20°C to 30°C.

    Packsize: 1L / 5L

  • Slow Thinner

    Slow Thinner


    For larger repairs in temperature range - above 25°C

    Packsize: 1L

  • Fade Out Thinner

    Fade Out Thinner


    AL660 has excellent wetting properties making invisible fade-outs of clearcoats and direct gloss easy to achieve

    Packsize: 1L

  • Fade-Out Thinner (Aerosol)

    Fade-Out Thinner (Aerosol)


    AL665 Aerosol offers an easy and simple fade-out process to cover all types of work. It is packaged in an aerosol for easy application and has excellent overspray wetting properties, giving a good finish to the fade-out process. 

    Packsize: 0.4L

  • Gun Wash

    Gun Wash


    AL635 is a blend of high quality primary solvents with excellent dissolving properties that ensures efficient cleaning of spraying equipment

    Packsize: 25L